Puppy Platinum, A Healthy Nutritional Formula for Growing Puppies.

The most advanced nutritional puppy formula on the market.

The most advanced nutritional puppy formula on the market. Puppy Platinum is a healthy nutritional formula developed exclusively for growing puppies of all breeds. Puppy Platinum combines wholesome nutrients that support proper growth for a strong and healthy puppy.

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What Is Puppy Platinum?

puppyvitaminsPuppy Platinum is a super nutrient rich formula created specifically for growing puppies of all breeds. This state­-of-­the-­art formula combines high quality protein, healthy fat, BCAAs and vitamins/minerals to provide your puppy a more complete balanced nutritional diet to enhance it’s overall health!

32% Protein
This formula contains ultra premium protein that is easy to digest for superior absorption so your puppy can receive the maximum nutritional protein benefits. It is extremely important to feed your puppy a HIGH quality protein source to support the overall healthy development.
40% Fat
Nutritional fats are extremely beneficial to the proper development of a healthy growing puppy. Our formula includes the perfect balance of nutritional fat that will support your puppy’s growth during the most important time of it’s life. By adding a healthy fat source your puppy will receive the nutritional calories it needs to look and feel amazing.
20 Vitamins & Minerals
Puppy Platinum could possibly be the most nutrient dense formula on the market with 20 key vitamins and minerals. Since many puppy foods lack the daily recommend value, by adding 1 scoop you can make your puppy’s diet more complete.
75 Servings!
We did not take any shortcuts when it comes to premium quality ingredients. This formula contains ONLY active ingredients and does not include any useless fillers, binding or bulking agents that offer no nutritional value. By taking this approach your puppy will receive the most out of each ingredient included in this formula.
18+ BCAA's
Unlike other puppy formulas Puppy Platinum contains 18 natural occurring branched chain amino acids which are known to help reduce protein breakdown. Since puppies develop the most during the first year of it’s life BCAAs can be extremely beneficial in building a strong and solid foundation.

No More Puny Pups!

Puppy Platinum is an easy to feed, great-tasting formula specifically designed for growing puppies. It contains natural, healthy nutrients your puppy needs for growing strong and healthy. No fillers. Just packed with powerful natural nutrients and vitamins.

Large Breeds Puppies?

Supports large breed puppies during rapid growth periods.

For Growing Puppies.

For Growing Puppies.

Great Tasting Formula.

Great Tasting Formula.

75 Powerful Servings.

75 Powerful Servings.

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About Puppy Platinum.

Puppy Platinum was create to help support growing puppies with powerful natural vitamins and nutrients. Our goal was to create a formula for puppies of all breeds helping them maintain an overall strong health.

Puppy Platinum

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60 Servings

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150 Servings

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225 Servings!

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